Breaking into a New Creative Market

Much of your work should come from word of mouth and the new clients that search Google and find you based on the web presence you’ve been building over time.

However, sometimes if you want to break into a new product area or you wish to expand your reach globally, you look to the online job boards such as LinkedIn, Elance and Guru. This can help, but you are up against many other qualified people. What will make the difference in them looking at your response?

There are ways to directly entice them with your experience when you are sending that first communication, so they see you understand what they need and you can also attach a similar design project you’ve done previously, but the most important thing you can do is make sure your profile introduction copy has the right details in the first two sentences. When all the bids are listed, one after another, what shows under your name is the beginning of your profile description, so make it count!

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How to get that first assignment

One area I’d like to get into is designing apps. I have created all types of websites from WordPress and Concrete5 CMS to working with developers on eCommerce or more complex custom content. I’ve also designed concepts and implemented how websites should look on mobile devices. But without a few real samples of app design, it’s like an art director wanting an illustration of a woman and your portfolio only has men. Some just can’t visualize that you can easily draw a woman if they could see beyond what you’re showing them.

So, it can be tough to get that first assignment in a new area. The answer is to study app visual design needs and create mock layouts to show potential clients. Just like when we were in school and we created comps, we can do it again.

Udemy is a great resource. I not only teach classes there, but I take classes as well. I’ve just signed up for iPhone App Design: How To Make A Top-Selling iPhone App With Great Design and Mobile App Design: From Sketches to Interactive Prototypes and excited to learn what I need to.

Once completed, I will create app design layouts for an idea I already have for my NJ nonprofit Frogs Are Green, and we’re on our way! Then of course I will build a new section on my website, SEO tag it properly and Google will do the rest, bringing those app clients with design needs my way.






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