Wild Jazz Adventure at Jersey City Reservoir

What happens when you place accomplished jazz musicians around an environmental oasis?

You get “Wild Jazz Adventure” at the Jersey City Reservoir!

Not only is this going to be a great event for JC Fridays on June 5th, but what a wonderful design project to work on! In one poster I needed to bring hot jazzy colors and yet show it in a natural setting. To show the wildness of the foliage while making it clear it’s about the music.

Usually a poster about the environment would be green, blue or earth tones, but in this case, because the music is the main attraction, orange and plum are my colors of choice.

About the JC Fridays event:
6pm-8pm, JERSEY CITY RESERVOIR PRESERVATION ALLIANCE presents “Wild Jazz Adventure at the Jersey City Reservoir!”

Enjoy performances by renowned Jazz musicians: Kyle McGinty (trumpet), Charlie Sigler (guitar), Kahlil Kwame Bell (percussion), Peter Lin (trombone), Andrea Brachfeld (flute), Jovan Alexandre (Saxophone), and more.

Tweet your best event photo to @JCReservoir and most retweeted wins a prize!

Explore the Reservoir’s natural beauty with our historic scavenger hunt!
199 Reservoir Ave (at Summit), 201-301-5566. Family-friendly.

Facebook event page: Wild Jazz Adventure at JC Reservoir

Jersey City Reservoir hosts Jazz Musicians for JC Fridays, June 5th 2015

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