New Tricks and Tips for Using Social Media

Every day I see posts on social media that aren’t posted right and if you want others to see your posts (or tweets), you have to learn a few tricks.


First and foremost (and I know we’ve covered this before), there is a very big difference between posting using your Facebook business / organization’s page versus your personal profile. Depending on your personal privacy settings, if you have a pretty secure profile, the only people who will see your posts are those of your friends who you’ve been sharing back and forth with lately. If you are liking and commenting on their posts, they will most likely see yours, unless they don’t… like and comment on yours. In addition, if you do not post consistently on those particular pages, not many will see it.

Example: I manage quite a few pages for a variety of businesses and the ones that I post the most on, get the most likes, comments and shares. The ones which I occasionally post on, don’t get as much.

Solution: I share a post via the business page first and I tag other pages toward the bottom to help those businesses see the post. I also may tag a person or two if they are related to the post. Then I do the same using my personal profile and before I publish I can decide if I want the post “public” or to “just my friends.”

What I have found is that by adding the business page links at the bottom of my personal posts has lead to a dramatic increase in consistent traffic and likes to those businesses.

Adding appropriate #hashtags also helps draw more views and in combination with displaying the other business page links means drawing the right people to view the post and send them forward to the right places to learn more.

Also, if you want more traffic to your website or to sell more books, etc., please don’t forget to add the web address. No one should have to ask for the link in the comments.

 Social Media artykuły skupione na hotelarstwie. Dowiedź się więcej.

Social Media artykuły skupione na hotelarstwie. Dowiedź się więcej.



Many of these same rules can apply on Twitter. Briefly state your case and leave room for a few people you specifically want to see the tweet, and add their handle as well as one or two key hashtags.

Remember that you want your post shared, so try to leave room for comments.

Another tip is to alternate your posts, some with just text and a link and others with a photo. (Keep track of which gets more likes and retweets.)


I find Instagram interesting. It’s kind of like Twitter but with commenting and liking, like Facebook. My only complaint would be the excessive hashtags people use to the point where you have trouble finding their post. I realize the point but sometimes feel like I’m scrolling through a dictionary.


I used to enjoy sharing information on Google+, but since their redesign and reprogramming, I’m having a hard time. (Here’s a recent post about why Google is harder to use.)


I have been using LinkedIn for a long time and will admit I need to review all the new changes. My next post will be on this. Stay tuned.

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