Tips for Your Business During the Summer

Summer marks the half-way point of your business year, and a great time to look at what you’ve accomplished so far and where you wish to go before the year’s end. Review your print marketing, business cards, stationary, postcards, and brochures. Read your own copy. Look at how things are designed and what images you’re featuring–and be sure to do the same with your social media accounts and website. Think: when was the last time you blogged or added new work samples to your site?

I know how busy we all get and how we can sometimes forget to check our own presentations, both online and offline. But neglecting to do so can lose you your marketing edge, and ultimately hurt your business.

Your Best Clients

Another tip: review which clients have been buying what you sell and ask if you can help them with anything else. Ask if they know anyone else who might need your services. Cultivate new clients using the methods and solutions that have worked well for the client’s you already have.

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