The Anti-Social Business of Politics

Voting Booth

I was watching the news like I do most evenings, and the reporter was talking about the amount of money spent on our recent midterm elections.

So much money spent, without a clue of who contributed.

In the business world, we depend on advocates who endorse us publicly through social media and other platforms, which helps our business grow and succeed. But in politics the advocates are hiding. Why? Wouldn’t it have been better if we’d known who was supporting which candidate and why?

How did the winning candidates win? Huge amounts of money spent on advertising what’s wrong with their opponents, almost none spent telling what anyone was in favor of or what they would do right.

It’s the exact opposite of how most businesses operate. Sure, there are advertising campaigns that say “We’re better than X, Y or Z.” But most people buy from those they like and trust.

So, if advocates of candidates are hiding their support, and the only people who turn out to vote are hoping to just cast a vote against the other side, how can this benefit any of us?

Isn’t our government supposed to be working for us?

Link to Huffington Post article: The 2014 Elections Will Cost $3.7 Billion. Here are 9 Better Ways to Spend that Money


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