Clarity. Action. Reevaluate.

On Suzy Brandtastic Radio, I interviewed Mallie Rydzik, author, coach and writer of the blog “The Off-Road Millennial.” During our discussion we talked about the state of business today and how millennials approach gaining work experience.

Back in the day when I was in college (School of Visual Arts) learning a trade, it never occurred to me that someday I’d have my own design studio. I learned as much as I could about media communications and design. My expectation when I graduated was to find a job at that trade and over time move up the corporate ladder, having a successful career. After working at a few different publishing companies, I had achieved that goal. Then in 1993, Macmillan Publishing was in financial trouble and most employees lost their jobs due to a takeover, myself included. I had to figure out my next step. My path to entrepreneurship began and I still strive every day to work with the brightest and most innovative people.

I also feel that continued education helps sustain a business over time. You must anticipate what your clients will want and need and be able to give it to them. Then, you either learn or outsource, which helps other businesses grow as well.

Today though, it’s a very different story for students graduating from college. The opportunities they may want aren’t there. Are millennials instead thinking ahead to entrepreneurship by implementing their skills and knowledge by starting their own businesses?

I love the concept of putting millennial entrepreneurs and mentors together, as they each have something to teach the other.

From “Millennial Entrepreneurs Lead The Way: Intelligence, Access, Action” by Kay Koplovitz on Forbes:

This statement speaks to the heart of new technology and understands the current and future social media climate:

…Nanxi Lui went on to describe that her team’s current challenge is educating potential clients that Enplug exists. The digital signage and professional display business is a $14 billion industry and with that great number, comes great competition. As an entrepreneur there will always be competition and this is why human capital is essential for making sure your company’s voice is heard.

In discussing that Kairos Society puts mentors and young entrepreneurs together:

…Every year the Kairos Society selects and supports 50 companies through mentorship, collaboration, and their expansive network of thought leaders and industry experts. To qualify for Kairos50 you must be 1) Under the age of 25, 2) Working on a scalable venture, 3) Providing research that has the potential to make a global impact, and 4) Giving back to the community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

…Diane Brady describes that the role of mentors is to help young entrepreneurs extract their ideas, leverage what they are doing, and connect the dots regarding how they fit within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Her intense curiosity cultivates a participatory environment for the young entrepreneurs to share ideas, challenges, and to think bigger.

Clarity. Action. Reevaluate. Graphic by Susan Newman

At the heart of our podcast are these simple steps, which help starting and sustaining a business, very clear.

Clarity leads to Action. Once Action is taken, we are able to Reevaluate, which leads us back to Clarity. This system truly works when we Focus.

So, when developing your brand, the goals and mission are translated into the right words, and together with the design and imagery, must communicate what you are selling. State/display your message with focus and clarity, and the target audience will receive it.

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