Create the Job You Want and Then Be the One Who Does It

LinkedIn, the fastest growing social network, has many benefits if you take advantage of them.

You can enhance your LinkedIn profile by adding imagery, video, audio, and you can even blog consistently on their “pulse” section. When used these tools build a very impressive, robust profile that will attract eyes.

Going a step further once that profile is complete, join and participate in the group section with like-minded people by searching topics and organizations and you will raise even more eyebrows.

I start and participate in discussions through groups, both branding/design and environmental organizations. It helps send many more people to my profile, those that email or want to connect and to my websites for more.

Susan Newman LinkedIn Profile screenshot

Recently, I worked with a client who had a LinkedIn profile with almost no content. He had left off the title and description for the job roles, both current and in the past. There was no descriptive content or imagery, not even a profile picture.

Adding that important SEO content

Since building up those past job roles and adding in the summary content not just what he’s capable of, but wants for the future, all of this SEO worthy content has now set the tone for amazing results to come back to him. He’s added a new profile picture and will soon embellish the profile with imagery.

It doesn’t matter if you are an independent freelancer looking for a job, or a business with a splash page. If you enter the content that describes you and/or your business, those that are searching will find it and you.

Your LinkedIn profile matters if you are looking for part-time or full-time employment, so make it as complete and dynamic as possible.


If you have a small business, make sure that your company has profiles and splash pages that are also enhanced with media on LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and assorted other networks that might be important to your particular business.

Check out this detailed post that includes a few video tutorials:

– Susan Newman



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