Is Your Website Scaring People Away? Part Five: Why So Serious, Lighten Up!

I admit it, when it comes to branding and design, I am very serious. I care deeply for my clients and want to guide them on the path to success and watch them fly.

But… sometimes I need to remember that we attract more (online especially) when we are entertaining.

Why So Serious, Lighten Up - part five of Is your website scaring people away?Recently I was asked by Udemy to write about brand visibility, long-tail keywords and SEO, and even though most know it’s important and needed, they probably won’t read a technical article that just lays out the details.

So, how did I make this more fun?

I wrote the piece on Batman and explained the information in a fun way, which entertained readers and they got it too!

The article was a colossal hit and got shared many times.

Learning from my super-hero SEO post and wanting to create a brand interview podcast / radio show, I again said… I want this interview series to be fun. Suzy Brandtastic Radio was born, and with more than 50 interviews since March and people booked till 2014, it’s on a roll!

We creatives can and should be serious about our work, but we need to remember there can be a payoff in using humor in putting our points across.

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