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Susan Newman is a brand visibility designer who knows how important it is to tell your WHY!

In this 30 minute personal interview, we’ll be promoting your brand and/or organization, products and services, upcoming events and special programs.

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Recorded Episodes: (Click on a link below)

5.16.2016 – Podcast Interview: Mike Michalowicz, author of Surge (New for 2016) and… Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan & The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

9.4.2015 – Podcast Interview: Laura Skolar, Jersey City Parks Coalition.

7.10.2015 – Podcast Interview: Lynne Venart, Lemur Conservation Network, co-founder and creative director.

6.26.2015 – Podcast Interview: Jeremy Reeves, Sales Funnel copywriter, CEO and Founder of Get Dream Clients

6.3.2015 – Podcast Interview: Nicholas Ciavatta, Voice Over Artist, Friggin Fabulous Productions

5.22.2015 – Podcast Interview: Clint Arthur, Celebrity Launchpad

4.20.2015 – Podcast Interview: Ilah Rose Hickman, Idaho State Amphibian Advocate

4.6.2015 – Podcast Interview: Michael DiFeo and Bojana Coklyat, Jersey City Artists

3.20.2015 – Podcast Interview: Michelle Vitale (aka Woolpunk) – American Artist and Founder of Gimme Shelter Stitch In

3.2.2015 – Podcast Interview: Beverly Lewis, Beverly Speaks, Inspiration. Motivation. Mastery.

2.20.2015 – Podcast Interview: Geoff Mosher, Cartoonist, Creator of Chachi

1.19.2015 – Podcast Interview: Chris M. Sprague, Zero Point Inspirational Speaker and Bestselling Author

1.12.2015 – Podcast Interview: Mallie Rydzik, The Off-Road Millenial

12.1.2014 – Podcast Interview: Christy Heady, Best-Selling Author and Journalist, Writing Success Coach

11.17.2014 – Podcast Interview: Rochelle Carter, Award-winning Publisher, Ellechor Media

11.14.2014 – Podcast Interview: Candace Carson, CEO of Lily Of The Valley, Inc.

11.10.2014 – Podcast Interview: Caryn FitzGerald, The Manifesting Queen, author, radio show, “Coffee & Coaching with Caryn.”

11.3.2014 – Podcast Interview – Andrea Imafidon, founder of Brown Girl from Boston, Business Coach

10.10.2014 – Podcast Interview – Robin Moore, Conservationist, Photographer and Author of In search of Lost Frogs

10.6.2014 – Podcast Interview – Zach Abramowitz, CEO and Co-Founder of ReplyAll

9.29.2014 – Podcast Interview – Evelyne White – CEO/Founder of Bookalokal

9.22.2014 – Podcast Interview – Katrina Sawa, Jumpstart Your Biz Coach

9.12.2014 – Podcast Interview – Norma T. Hollis, America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor

8.25.2014 – Podcast Interview – Andrea Waltz, co-author of Go for No!

8.18.2014 – Podcast Interview – Gloria Rand, Online Visibility Success

8.15.2014 – Podcast Interview – Tara R. Alemany, Aleweb Social Marketing, LLC

8.4.2014 – Podcast Interview – Mike Michalowicz, Author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

8.1.2014 – Podcast Interview – Gillian Pritchett, Business Strategy Consultant

7.25.2014 – Podcast Interview – Frank Schwarz Talks Video Marketing on YouTube and Google

7.14.2014 – Podcast Interview – Emilie Shoop, Leadership Coach

6.16.2014 – Podcast Interview – Rivka Kawano speaker – author – social media marketing coach

6.6.2014 – Podcast Interview – Rosa da Silva – Author of Jabujicaba, The Heart of Brazil

5.19.2014 – Podcast Interview – Regina D’Alesio, Your Story Matters, Public Speaking Strategist

5.12.2014 – Podcast Interview – Stephanie Calahan, The Business Vision Catalyst

5.9.2014 – Podcast Interview – Autumn Tompkins, Head Sass-Master, Copywriter at Ink Well Copy

5.2.2014 – Podcast Interview – Sensational Country Blues Wonders, Gary Van Miert and Malcolm Marsden

4.28.2014 – Podcast Interview – Nisha Jackson, Financially Brilliant Women

4.25.2014 – Podcast Interview – Carol Mortarotti, Expert Niche Academy

4.18.2014 – Podcast Interview – Christine Clifton, Community Connectrix at Client Centric Growth

4.14.2014 – Podcast Interview – Lisa Crilley Mallis, time strategy visionary, System Savvy Consulting

4.7.2014 – Podcast Interview – Nina Amir, Author, Inspiration to Creation Coach, Blog Your Book

4.4.2014 – Podcast Interview – Gary Loper, Life & Business Coach

3.31.2014 – Podcast Interview – Kate Tilton, Author’s Assistant, Social Media Manager & Book Design Templates

3.24.2014 – Podcast Interview – John Nebraska (aka Andy Levine), Illustrator, Fine Artist, Teacher

3.28.2014 – Podcast Interview – Debra Jason, The Write Direction

3.18.2014 – Podcast Interview – Greg Dell’Aquila, president of Mission 50 and Hoboken Chamber of Commerce

3.14.2014 – Podcast Interview – Mona Patel, CEO of Motivate Design and UX Hires

3.10.2014 – Podcast Interview – JoAnn R. Forrester and Bonnie DiCarlo, co-founders of Celebrate & Share

3.7.2014 – Podcast Interview – Diane Hansen, Marketing Consultant, Chief Inspiration Officer at What Works Coaching

3.3.2014 – Podcast Interview – Hodo, Producer, Director, Actor, Award winning TV and Radio Talk Show Host

2.28.2014 – Podcast Interview – Kathy Kelly, Actor, Business Media Coach, Make Your Own Heat Coaching

2.24.2104 – Podcast Interview – Joe Pepitone, Artist, Automotive Illustrator

2.21.2014 – Podcast Interview – Chris M. Sprague, best-selling Author

2.18.2014 – Podcast Interview – Adnan Rafique, IT Expert, Board of Directors, GITCA Global IT Community Association

2.11.2014 – Podcast Interview – Matthew Tomsho, The Effective Detective, Leveraging Your List

2.7.2014 – Podcast Interview – Joe Kelaher, Photographer

2.3.2014 – Podcast Interview – Jenny McKaig, Writer, Editor, Coach and Speaker

1.31.2014 – Podcast Interview – Johanna Marshall, Music Composer, Musician, Dancer and Actor

1.27.2014 – Podcast Interview – Jay Harrison, Creative Director & Jim Fanzone, Art Director of DesignConcept

1.24.2014 – Podcast Interview – Christina Daves, PR for Anyone & CastMedic Designs

1.20.2014 – Podcast Interview – Jay Boucher, Game Designer, Web Designer, Teacher, Artist

1.17.2014 – Podcast Interview – Kevin Spyker, Certified Healing Foods Specialist, Culture Den, Microbes

1.13.2014 – Podcast Interview – Sheevaun Moran, I Am Success Now, Energetic Solutions

1.4.2013 (originally aired on 104.7 FM Talk Radio 12.21.2013 & 12.28.2013) – TechVibe Radio Interview Podcast with Suzy Brandtastic

1.3.2013 – Conversations in Purpose with Dave Ursillo, The Literati Writers – Suzy Brandtastic Podcast Interview

12.30.2013 – Podcast Interview – Laura Skolar, Clarlene Burke and Marc Wesson of the Jersey City Parks Coalition

12.23.2013 – Podcast Interview – Katie Kat, Opera Singer, Lyric Soprano

12.20.2013 – Podcast Interview – Lisa Manyon, Write On Creative and The Business Marketing Architect

12.16.2013 – Podcast Interview – Monique Johnson, Founder and Creative Director of Ehm Ooo Media and Videopreneur

12.9.2013 – Podcast interview – Jerome Robinson, Musician and Bass Guitarist

12.6.2013 – Podcast Interview – Omar Brown, Musician and Videographer

12.5.2013 – Podcast Interview – Jonathan Brunson, Screenwriter, Director, Actor, Singer, In 5 Days…

11.25.2013 – Podcast Interview – Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Communication Catalyst, MarionSpeaks

11.22.2013 – Podcast Interview – Demi Karpouzos, Author, Speaker, Small Business Coach at Strategical Coaching

11.18.2013 – Podcast Interview – Jonathan Kersting, Director of Visibility Initiatives for Pittsburgh Technology Council and TechVibe Radio Host (also on FM News Talk 104.7)

11.15.2013 – Podcast Interview – Dana Sitar, Founder of DIY Writing

11.11.2013 – Podcast Interview – Esther Surden, publisher of New Jersey Tech Weekly

11.8.2013 – Podcast Interview – TEDx Jersey City – Team including, Alicia Ruth, Anne McTernan, Caley Vickerman, Ceallaigh Forgonogelo Pender and Yvonne Vairma

11.4.2013 – Podcast Interview – Regina D’Alesio, Public Speaking Strategist

11.1.2013 – Podcast interview – Ward Sandler, Partner at, Hoboken/NYC Technology Consultants

10.25.2013 – Podcast Interview – John Paxton Jr., Film Director, Producer, Writer, Freebird Media Group

10/21/2013 – Podcast Interview – Richard Oceguera, Founder and CEO of Richard Oceguera Coaching

10/18/2013 – Podcast Interview – Aaron Price, Founder of NJ Tech Meetup and co-founder of

10/14/2013 – Podcast Interview – Ivy Slater, Founder of Slater Success Coaching

10/7/2013 – Podcast Interview – Richard Botto, CEO and Founder of Stage 32, Social Network for Film, Television and Theater Creatives Around the World and Richard is also an actor, producer and screenwriter.

10/4/2013 – Podcast Interview – Glenn Jones, CEO of MessagePetz

9/30/2013 – Podcast Interview – Patty Lennon, Founder of Mom Gets A Life and Mom Gets A Business Conference.

9/27/2013 – Podcast Interview – Robyn Hatcher, Founder of SpeakEtc., Author and Communication Skills Expert

9/20/2013 – Podcast Interview – Patty Farmer, The Networking CEO

9/16/2013 – Podcast Interview – Yvette Syversen, Boutique Business Strategist, Rule Your Business, Rock Your World

9/13/2013 – Podcast Interview – David Spark, founder of Spark Media Solutions

9/9/2013 – Podcast Interview – Amit Bhaiya, founder of Dotcomweavers, Specializing in Web Development & eCommerce

9/6/2013 – Podcast Interview – Cathleen Campbell Stone, Founder of Living Harmony

8/30/2013 – Podcast Interview – Laryssa Wirstiuk, Author and Writer

8/26/2013 – Podcast Interview – Michelle Christie, MACs Women’s Summit & Expo

8/23/2013 – Podcast Interview – Dave Ursillo, The Literati Writers

8/19/2013 – Podcast interview – JoAnn Forrester, Business Mentor and co-founder of SI Business Associates

8/16/2013 – Podcast Interview – ChaChanna Simpson, Superwoman Tamer

8/12/2013 – Podcast Interview – Kirk Keel, Founder of Stantt

8/9/2013 – Podcast Interview – Farah Belliard, Business Coach

8/8/2013 – Podcast Interview – Megan Atkinson, Ignite Your Cause, Ujima Bazaar

7/29/2013 – Podcast Interview – Joanne Quinn-Smith, The Techno Granny

7/26/2013 – Podcast Interview – Robin Barr Enterprises, Inc.

7/19/2013 – Podcast interview – Luz Donahue, Unlock Social

7/12/2013 – Podcast Interview – Ilise Benun, The Marketing Mentor

7/11/2013 – Podcast Interview – Maria Murnane, bestselling author of the Waverly books

7/5/2013 – Podcast Interview – Louis Tanguay, Circle Marketing

6/25/2013 – Podcast Interview – Amanda Abella, Writer and Career Coach for Women

6/21/2013 – Podcast Interview – Coyote Peterson, Brave Wilderness, The Reptile Show, Swamp Monsters

6/17/2013 – Podcast Interview – Dan McGowan, Comedian

6/14/2013 – Podcast interview – Jodi Silverman Zulueta, Artist

6/4/2013 – Podcast interview – Fran Treloar, Send Out Cards

5/27.2013 – Podcast Interview – Kelsey Borlan Lee, The Brand Gal

5/24/2013 – Podcast interview – Diane O’Connell, Write To Sell Your Book

5/23/2013 – Podcast Interview – Hudson Theatre Ensemble, Florence Pape & Howard Richman

5/21/2013 – Podcast Interview – Jennie Mustafa-Julock, Coach Jennie

5/17/2013 – Podcast Interview – Runa Magnusdottir, BRANDit

5/16/2013 – Podcast Interview – Todd Geringswald, Artistic Director

5/13/2013 – Podcast interview – Melody Stevens, Mozarts & Einsteins

5/10/2013 – Podcast Interview with artist, Wendell Minor

5/2/2013 – Podcast Interview with Leslie Josel, Order Out of Chaos

4/29/2013 – Podcast Interview – Selling Lessons with Carolyn Herfurth, The BizTruth

4/26/2013 – Podcast Interview – Small Business Tips with Niki Pfeiffer

4/10/2013 – Podcast Interview with Payson Cooper, Marketing in the Morning

4/8/2013 – Podcast Interview with Kelly Lewis, founder of Go Girl Guides

3/28/2013 – Podcast Interview – Men Marketing to Women with Catrice Jackson, Catriceology


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